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Dj Or DM The Dark and Gothic genres have a dynamic way of leaving true emotive stigmas on each individual it reaches. Tel avivian producer and DJ of Dark Manners pro Of the Darkness family Or Simon carries a sonic persona that breaks out of popular and mainstream, Growing up with alternative music on the dance floor notions, his decade long affair with the console has delivered a movement across Tel Aviv and beyond, promoting show of Gothic and Dark wave artists from the 80's and more His signature is melancholic dark sounds. Or simon holds a strong stance on the progression of the alternative music world especially in Or Dj in Tel Aviv at the Gagarin, block, bootleg, Helen Kellers club and also the owner of Dark Manners Productions. He is running couple of alternative Party lines: Gothic Division / Tainted love and of course Dark manners underground sound. Dj Or DM is offering you a dark old and new sounds as dark wave/ New wave/ post punk/ gothic rock / elctropunk / minimal synth / and cold wave.

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Fragrance - Now That I'm Real
Fragrance - Now That I'm Real